Stress-Free Resources 2.0

Sharing useful information right now is critical for our safety and sanity. Due to the coronavirus crisis, is doing its part to spread the good news in many forms. We hope we serve you well with a variety of different intel from people we know and trust to have nothing but your “heart” in mind. Stress-Free Resources listed from oldest to newest so keep scrolling to find the most up to date information.

Stay really well.  ❤️

  1. Meadowbrook Church wants you to Give it over to God and Get in the Moment. They are offering a FREE E-publication.

If you are more visually-inclined you can view services on the topic of fear and anxiety at the or click here

2. Dr. Jaiya John & Soulwater Rising has a new podcast offering soul nourishment for these difficult times.

You can hear Dr. John’s voice while he reads his writings on SPOTIFY, as well. 

3. If you are are feeling ISOLATED and want to TALK TO SOMEONE, Elder Options has a new service available called Tele-Talk.   


CALL the HELPLINE 1-800-262-2243 and ask for Tele-Talk.

4. The Community Resource Finder is made available by the Alzheimer’s Association and AARP. Based on guidance from local governments and health departments during the COVID-19 crisis, many programs will be offered virtually rather than in-person.

Get easy access to resources, community programs and services.

5. CAREGIVERS in every form are the life-blood of humanity. We celebrate their courage and at we undergird them with strength by providing resources especially for their needs and the ones they serve. Check out our page.

6. Important information from the National Assocation of School Psychologists via Tia Battey, ED.S, M.ED., at Care for the “Educated” Caregiver. Plus, activities (below) for parents.

7. Starting Today. If you find being quarantined (or its variations) has you and yours quarreling, then perhaps you will want to tune in to a new Youtube series set to begin Thursday, April 30, 2020, at 8 P.M. EST. Take some time to learn your temperament style and how to live CLOSELY with others.

Watch a sneak peek

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