THE FUNNIES — 2.5.21

While hurt people revel in hurting people I believe in healing people and keeping them well. And what brings healing like laughter? Enjoy!

Here is a spoonful of sugar for whatever ails you. And MANY THANKS to everyone who reads and responds. XO



In honor of Black American History, I want to highlight some of the funniest curators of humor ever!  For various reasons, I have listed some of my favorites from the past and the present. Whether it was the texture of their voice or the features of their face, these guys make me giggle, and some make me roll onto the floor. Now, I’m not endorsing what they are say as politically correct. In most cases, it is absolutely, unequivocally NOT! So, if you can’t take a joke, don’t go searching for their material on Google. Disclaimer: I will also add that I would not encourage children or any adult to listen to any of the listed (minus a few, and I make notes below) on a regular basis for fear that you may lose brain cells. Their work is not educational or spiritual material; it is only for a laugh.  

So let me entertain you with Leah’s Top Ten List with a short explanation for novices on the subject.  

  1. Robin Harris – tops my list because he had it all: the voice, the eyes, the quick-wit. R.I.P. Mr. Harris.  
  1. Chris Rock – a timeless, funny satirist.  
  1. Kevin Hart – his first live concerts are the best!  
  1. Eddie Murphy – Hehehe! Talented beyond funny.  
  1. Tyler Perry – Can write a joke, put it in a screenplay, and dress it up as a woman, like nobody’s business.   
  1. Bernie Mac – had a message for “America.” The funniest of all the Kings of Comedy.  
  1. Steve Harvey – The people’s comedian. He can make you laugh as quickly as he can cause himself to cry.  
  1. Sinbad – funny for the entire family! We need more Sinbad. 
  1. All the Wayans brothers and their sister – Who knew comedy was genetic? “I’m gonna git you sucka” if you have not watched or heard anything by the Wayan’s brothers. “In Living Color” would be banned on television today. That’s how good it was!!! No hate. Just humor. 
  1. Bill Cosby – Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Mr. Cosby was the best at funny, and he proved it for generations, bringing family humor into every American home at the time. He even blessed our society with a taste of HBCU culture during prime time! Oh, it was a “different world” back then. I grew up on Cosby and still have much respect for him. I believe, like many Black men of his era, he did more good than evil. Furthermore, if he harmed women (not if he was tried and convicted of a crime by a system that is historically known to not work in favor of Black men), he is receiving the payment for his crimes, but if not, shame on anyone involved in his demise.  

Moving on.  

The following are my honorable mentions. 

  1. Jonathan Slocumb – Good church humor (and a kinda cute picture companion).  
  1. Michael Jr. – Christian and family funny
  1. Rickey Smiley – “Ain’t nobody told me nuthin’” genius. 
  1. Steffon Vann – delivers good clean grown folks’ comedy. 
  1. Adele Givens – Def Comedy Jam first season produced classic work for the ladies!!! 
  1. Dave Chappell’s old stuff because I haven’t listened to the new stuff lately.  
  1. Jerrod Carmichael – what happened to the “Carmichael Show?” He picked on all sides with ease. And isn’t that what comedy is all about? 
  1. Sasheer Zamata – She reminds me of me in her portrayal of a comedian in “The Weekend.” 

That’s my list. 

Sadly, I see how we desperately need more clean comics to rise and shine, especially female comedians!

Where y’all at?  

If you know any, hit me up because my life has changed for the better, and I would really enjoy giving them some support. 

Now it is your turn. Who is your favorite funny guy or girl? 

Till the next time,



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