Do you juice?

Dear Reader,

I’m feeling a little blah today, and I know why. This mess with the wreck is driving me to my wit’s end!!! It is not so much that accidents happen–I get it, and I’m a forgiving person. But when people lie about it to protect their interests, and it starts affecting my interest, I can’t act holier than thou; I get perturbed.

Unfortunately, that’s not the correct response, especially since I have noticed that during stressful times, my health suffers. And while I cannot control what happens to me, I can control my response. Which is why I have done all I can with attorneys and insurance companies, praying and casting cares and now I need to do some juicing and deeper meditation.

I need to take care of me: mind, body and soul.

Both juicing and meditation help me as I continue to conserve my health. So I am putting this out there to anyone who feels anxious about uncontrollable circumstances; try some juicing along with a meditative walk.

Then tell me how it goes.

Here is a recipe my cousin shared with me that gives energy and reduces pain:

He prescribes the ABC’s of juicing.

1 Apple

1/2 Beet

3 Carrots

+ nice piece of ginger.

Really Leah’s ABC’s of Juicing

Lastly, we will get through whatever is going on; we need only to stay focused on the right things.

Yours truly, really,


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