Practical Steps Towards A Miracle

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Happy Easter Weekend, World! Today I am reposting Day Seven from The 21-Days to Your Best Life Yet challenge and eBook, where I shared some backstory on my health journey. I hope this chapter blesses someone who is struggling, either with a diagnosis or a lost dream. For in the Easter season, where we celebrate the Resurrection, miracles, and redemption, it seems befitting that you know all these things are possible for you, too, if you believe. Enjoy.

Chapter Seven: Day Seven Revised

Congratulations, Committed, and Consistent Change Makers! You are one-third of the way through the process, and there is no going back now. The best is yet to come. But before we step into today’s activities, I want to share a story with you.

A few years ago, when I first started having these crazy symptoms in and on my body, I made an appointment with a medical doctor, who gave me a choice of two diagnoses. Seriously. He then referred me to a Rheumatologist, a fancy doctor specializing in diseases that affect joints, muscles, bones, and autoimmune conditions. The Rheumy, as I call them, gave me the same diagnoses along with a few others. All were “chronic.”

I said to myself, “I don’t accept this.” I went back to work. But inside I was fearful!!!  

At the time, WebMD was hot, and I also worked for a medical school, so research was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it was the worst thing a mental head job like me could do. The more I read, the more terrified I became. I didn’t want to accept the data, but I was absorbing it like a sponge. The bad news on the webpages was all I could think about. Furthermore, my body was confirming everything I found on the internet, and constantly showing me something was wrong. 

Shortly afterward, I had anxiety attacks and more health issues. And since my misery craves company, l thought of every bad thing that could happen to me—I’m going to lose my job and the house I’m building. I’m just getting over a divorce. I can’t do this. I was already losing friends because I had no additional energy to do the things I used to, and now I looked sick, my weight was dropping rapidly, and I was afraid to tell anyone. 

Initially, I tried to escape into my work and a long-lost love for writing. But every time I heard a story about someone with one of my same diagnoses, which was strangely often, the person was miserable or had succumbed to a fatal conclusion. I could not get away from this disease. And my prognosis offered little hope: skin issues, frequent doctor visits, surgeries, and a lifetime of prescription drugs to manage the symptoms. Because chronic diseases don’t go away. They linger like a pandemic, so I constantly feared the worse.

I didn’t want to be any of what I had read or seen, so each time the church doors opened, I tried to be there. And truthfully, I was great in that environment. But when praise & worship was over, and I was alone with me, the good thoughts never lasted long. I just couldn’t escape them, and they didn’t want to leave. 

I was all over sick! Top to bottom sick. For real. I felt sick, I looked sick, I was diagnosed as sick multiplied by sick, and I had sickening thinking on top of that. If I had a good thought, it was only temporary. 

My mind needed to be retrained, and for me, meditation alone did not do the trick. 

Then I heard the testimony of a pastor friend I respected who was given a bad health diagnosis. His symptoms were bad, like mine, his body was failing him, like mine, and he was seeking help from specialists too. 

As a Christian, he knew the power of Scripture, so he was also listening and meditating on Scriptures, like me, to build his faith up for his healing.

But he took it one step further. 

My pastor friend had recorded his voice speaking words of life and healing over himself. He told my mother he recorded his affirmations/goals and practiced listening throughout the day, especially in the mornings and before going to bed. And it worked. He received his miracle of healing much quicker than anyone imagined. 

I immediately started the same practice, and I haven’t stopped. Because it works.

Whenever I am weak from sleep or sickness, simply tapping play on a recorder is easier than trying to recite your affirmations. I also listen to my own affirmations any time I need to renew my mind. Check out my post on affirmations for more information.  I’ve used it in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, at an attorney’s office, before an assignment, and while taking a walk. You may need to listen before meeting with your boss or after a disagreement with a friend. Recording your affirmations is a cool hack for keeping your mind renewed. Just record, plugin, or pair your headphones and listen. 

That’s my story. Now what are you going to do?

Ready, Set, Focus. Our Practice Makes a Habit! 

Let’s proceed with our daily activities. Remember, Step One must be completed immediately (an A.M. action), and Step Two should be completed before bed (a P.M. action).  

Step 1. Memorize another goal (if you have one) and Meditate on all your goals/affirmations for the year by reading them aloud.  

Step 2. Review your Vision Board at least 7 times today. Study each picture and visualize yourself as having achieved your goals. And Record and Listen to yourself declaring your goals-as-affirmations. 

How? Follow these steps:

  1. Download a good recorder app on your phone. iPhones come with Voice Memos (see picture below), and it’s easy to use. There are others I enjoy as well. I’ll write a post on them later. 
  2. Buy good wireless headphones. 
  3. Pair the headphone with your phone. 
  4. Follow the recorder directions to record your voice saying your goals/affirmations.  And if you have Scriptures to support your goals. Oh, my word!!!! You will feel so empowered after combining the two.
  5. Make edits per the recorder’s instructions.
  6. Name your recording. Give it an uplifting title and save.
  7. Play any time you like! 
Voice Memos app on

Moving Forward 

Continue to give thanks for all you have accomplished this week, all you are doing to create your best life, and all you have set your mind to do this day.

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And tell me how you enjoyed today’s exercise. Please post your comment below or email me:, Subject: Recording.  

Till tomorrow, when we meet on Day Eight for the next step in our 21-day online process towards our best year yet, be blessed with less mess,  


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