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Happy Friday! Dear Reader,  

Today, I salute all the authors in the South Atlantic Region (SAR) Inaugural Book Author Showcase. During last week’s virtual panel discussion, a vibrant complexion of the region’s wise, encouraging, women of significant service shared their stories on writing with viewers. Although I was not a part of the panel, I am thrilled to be a part of the directory (page 50)! And I am equally ecstatic to share this information with my family and friends. Please use this resource for new reads in every genre: There is something for everyone and every age group.  

Thank you in advance for supporting these youthful, gifted, and Black authors and for supporting my ebook—21-Days to Your Best Life Yet ($4.99).  

“I am not trying to improve or change you. Who am I to tell you what to do when I am constantly in the process of improving myself? 

I do believe my journey to wellness can help others rise above debilitating and depressing circumstances. For this reason, I gladly share my 21-day process with you.”   


Download a copy of honest content for you or someone you love. XO

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