After several Songs and Proverbs in the Bible, you will find the word “Selah” standing alone as pronounced as an “Amen” but with a very different meaning. While “amen” means “so be it,” the Hebrew definition of selah, according to the Strong’s Concordance, is “suspension or pause.” The Amplified Bible, Classic Edition, goes as far as to describe selah as “pause and calmly think of that.”

I like both definitions and understand the importance of pausing, suspending all work and busyness to calmly think about what matters most—To be still and know.

Many of us learned to selah last year when we were initially self-isolated due to the novel virus, COVID-19. We had no choice but to pause, and think about what mattered, calmly. For many, the pause allowed us to see things about our world, country, and ourselves that we might have missed on a normal busy day.

Some of us enjoyed the moments of rest while others were totally uncomfortable being forced to sit and come face-to-face with the messiness in the world. Many of those people longed to go back to normal. But what is the need of going back if we never pause enough to learn why we needed to pause in the first place? Especially if we are only going to continue making the same mistakes.

Rest is a necessary yet neglected part of life. And, for our best lives, we must pause on occasion to rest, reflect, and be restored for the days ahead. Just as God created the earth in six days and on the Sabbath He rested. So should we.

Even Man’s Best Friend Gets It


Today is for our rest. Enjoy a free day to Memorize and Meditate on your goals/affirmations. Use your Vision Board and your new Recording to stay focused.


And as you suspend all negative thoughts and concerns about tomorrow, pick up your diary or journal and note your best and messiest moments over the past week. Examine what needs to be changed moving forward but don’t dwell on it, simply write it down. Today is the day to leave any mess (stress, clutter, stuff) from last week behind.


ReallyLeah’s UnHotMess Series 1. 2021. Bringing in the Best and Pushing out the Mess 

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