Flag Day and Random Lessons Learned Over the Weekend

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First, today is Flag Day. A day Americans have celebrated since June 14, 1777. It is the day our flag received her stars and stripes. Whether you wave it or wear it, we can always remember those who fought to protect it and the freedoms we have as United States citizens! Although imperfect, I choose to rep my country. May God bless America. 

Moving on.  

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I certainly did, and I learned a few random lessons, which I took the liberty of jotting down during my free writing time.  Feel free to comment below.  

One. Debbie Deb, writer and performer of some of my favorite childhood songs, including “Lookout Weekend” and “When I Hear Music,” is a white female. Not that it should matter but who knew besides the DJ? Well, her real name is Deborah Claire Wesoff-Kowalski, and while her music was the soundtrack for endless house parties and roller-skate Rhythm & Blues nights, she did not possess the kind of soul I imagined. I guess I never saw her album cover. First Tina Marie, now this, all to prove that I should not judge a song by its cover.  

Two. I did not know that Debbie Deb or her people could not spell “look out” until I searched for the YouTube video to include with my blog. The words are used as a verb in the song, but are written as a noun in the song’s title and lyrics. I don’t know about you, but I hate misspelled words, sitting there in big, bold letters in front of me, especially when I write them. But that’s what I had to endure all weekend.  

Three. Crustaceans can be tasty again, even when stuffed in a plastic cup and drenched in fancy cocktail sauce. I use the word “again” because I stopped eating shellfish a few years ago. It was a decision I made for my health. I also stopped eating food in open places. However, it was Friday night, I was famished, and there they (the shrimp in the plastic cups) were. So I picked up a plastic cup and, my Lord, was it good. Then the chef told me to have another, and I did. The shrimp were so tender and juicy. I actually wish I had another cup right now. And I did not get sick either. But I don’t think I will do it again.  

Four. Strangers are not friendly like they used to be (a few years ago), even without the masks. I thought the masks we were wearing through Covid were the reasons we were all acting afraid and disagreeable with other people.  But now that most of the masks are off, people are still avoiding eye contact. Perhaps the people I encountered are not aware that they have dropped their masks. It’s strange. I believe I could hop on a public table (if I could hop on a table) and start singing Fame lyrics, and no one would try to pull me down or even arrest me for disturbing the peace. The people and the policeman I saw this weekend would be too afraid to make eye contact. So I don’t know what’s worst, the old days when my best friend and I were being followed in shopping malls because young Black women were constantly suspected of shoplifting or this new day of feeling invisible. I guess if I had to choose between being ignored or hunted, I would choose ignored. But I would personally rather people just be kind. It really doesn’t matter to me if you look sour or not, but in the words of Kirk Franklin, “You look so much better when you smile. So, smile.”  

Five. God is still in the miracle-working business! The C-word no longer has power over one of my favorite girls. 💖💚 She gave us the good news Saturday morning, and I’m teary-eyed as I write this good news. My God is awesome! He can move the mountains. He hides us in the valleys; saves us from the storms. His name is Jesus! Do you know Him and that He loves you? If not, you could learn a lesson too. 

Thanks for allowing me to share.



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