I’m a Rocket Man

Wow! So that’s what a billion dollars can buy.

Listen to me read:

Rocket Man

Can we all admit that rich folks have elevated private exploration to a whole ‘notha level? And I ain’t necessarily mad at them. Although there are some other ways I would spend their money. LOL!

All I can say is, extraordinarily wealthy people get to do some-out-of-this world stuff.

By the time the average person imagines he or she can live like the rich and famous (which most of us secretly imagine), the world’s wealthiest people have built themselves a rocket and blasted off into outer space.

I suppose that is why I don’t dare attempt to keep up with the Joneses, the Bransons, or the Bezoses. 

It’s “Mission Denied” for the moment.

And that’s why I thank God for Disney World and The Epcot Center, which are both, in all honesty, out of my budget sometimes, as well. But at least I have a financial plan. Moreover, I have a purpose and a dream.

Like Branson, who dreamed of Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight, I will have my own earth-shattering experience. We all will if we stay the course one day.

Our dreams are far more than the lure of tangible unlimited resources, they are about purpose, diligence, and our unique blend of creativity. And guess what? We don’t have to beg, borrow or steal someone else’s dream of success when we sell out to our own.

So what do you think of wealthy folks rocketing themselves into space? Better yet, what are you going to do to reach your dreams?

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