Roe v. Wade Implications in Black and White. Part 1 July 2, 2022 Dear Reader, What a few weeks we’ve had! Our American climate has been as erratic as a tornado, with no visible calm before the storm. All because someone leaked a Supreme Court draft opinion in May.  Instantly a firestorm of wagging tonguesContinue reading “FOR BETTER OR WORSE, THE CHOICE IS OURS”


Ketanji Brown Jackson represents a long-awaited decision with historic implications. Along with her stellar academic vita, Florida roots, and impressive career in law enforcement, Jackson will become the first Black woman to sit on the United States Supreme Court. A feat, years in the making. While only three Republicans voted in favor of the nomination,Continue reading “SUPREME MOVES”

The Next Female Supreme Court Justice

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a fine choice for the Supreme Court thus far. Besides her academic brilliance, I appreciated her statements about filling the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat. In her acceptance speech after President Trump’s nomination, she referred to her respect for the “long and deep friendship” between Justices Scalia and GinsburgContinue reading “The Next Female Supreme Court Justice”

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