Ketanji Brown Jackson represents a long-awaited decision with historic implications.

Along with her stellar academic vita, Florida roots, and impressive career in law enforcement, Jackson will become the first Black woman to sit on the United States Supreme Court. A feat, years in the making. While only three Republicans voted in favor of the nomination, it should not be seen as anything beyond high-ranking political drama. Did you see the last SCOTUS confirmation? 

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Our country has a history of blocks and filibuster threats as well. When President G.W. Bush shortlisted Judge Janice Rogers, another Black woman, who sat on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, to replace Justice O’Connor on the Supreme Court, the Democrats derailed it. When it comes to race, politicians play the “which Black is right?” and the “which party gets the Black credit?” cards much too often. Democrats tend to win due to social promises that may not ever be fulfilled.

But I commend President Biden’s latest promise and intention to make the court look more like the racial groups representative of America. But where was he when President Ronald Reagan shortlisted another Black female Judge Amalya Kearse for the Supreme Court? IJS.

Since we cannot turn back time, we must move forward (with as many facts as possible and an equal amount of forgiveness). We also need the sensibility that differing opinions do not mean opposing values. For hundreds of years, Black women have been missing from the guiding thoughts concerning this country. So, yes! I am excited to see that we (Black females) finally have a seat at the “most supreme” table in the land.

Moreover, I hope Justice Jackson will “balance the scales.” Like Justice Barrett, Jackson must protect the rule of law, not cower to a political base. So, I look forward to hearing her independent opinions, and I pray that she will represent Black women and All Americans, justifiably. 

God bless America. Really,


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