Instead of Fear, Try Prevention

Dear Reader,

I cannot begin to imagine all the particles and viruses in the air that have the potential to harm our physical bodies. But they exist. And if most of you could see what’s actually all around us, with the potential to take us out, some of you would never leave the house. Some of you might try to build a bubble around yourselves. But what use is that when some researchers suggest, there are no significant differences in virus-like and bacteria-like particle concentrations between different indoor environments, noting that the outdoor air was respectively, 2.6 and 1.6 higher than inside. (Total Virus and Bacteria Concentrations in Indoor Air article in the NIH National Library of Medicine, 2015.)

Too bad.

So sad.

But there is nowhere to run.

Unless you consider Psalm 91, and I hope you do. It is a phenomenal chapter in the Bible so check it out.

Otherwise, you will live in fear, which is probably why God never intended for us to see all the stuff in the air. I think He knew it would freak us out, and we would never need another horror flick. We would be born only to get afraid of viruses in the air and then croak. And ain’t nobody got time for people dying from the knowledge of something they don’t understand.

Instead, I believe God gave us a lot of wisdom on how to live, along with foods to help fortify this earthly shell against the germs and mess floating around us.

He also gave us hairs in our noses to block some of that crap. But that is another story for another day.

My point today is that despite the millions or billions of unseen forces with the potential to harm us, we have choices that we must make in order to protect ourselves and live fuller lives for the good works we were designed to do. The rest we should leave to higher authorities. As the serenity prayer states, Lord help me to control the things I can.

  • So with all the fear and politics aside, there are choices we can make for better health. Here are a few suggestions:
    • More whole foods, more clean water, and more prayer.
      Less processed foods, less sugar, and less stress.

    Sounds good, right?

    And finding good foods and drinks does not have to be as difficult as it used to be, nor does it have to be impractical or expensive. If you were drinking a Diet Coke or a glass of sweet tea per day, don’t feel like you have to stop cold turkey. I have done the all-or-nothing thing, and it practically drove me bonkers, so take it easy and develop discipline gently. Remember to stress less. Making radical changes is not a stress-less situation, so avoid that, plus it is not realistic. Rather, concentrate on making small, consistent changes.

    One thing I do as someone who enjoys the fizz or carbonation in my drinks is to purchase Kombucha. It is a healthy alternative to your soda, water, and pop. I have been drinking it for nearly ten years.

    This week I tried the new Pineapple Spirulina flavor while shopping in the place that promises us pleasure (Publix). They had a special, too. The Greenwise brand of kombucha was on sale ( 2 for $5).

    You may want to get in there soon.

    Anyway, I knew about the health benefits of pineapples but wasn’t as knowledgeable about spirulina. So I only picked up one bottle, and I will tell you about the other flavor later. But I will let you know now that the Pineapple Spirulina kombucha was the bomb! It was so good. I wish I had another right now. So check out the special, check into Kumbacha, and learn about the benefits of all the three key ingredients below. (Many thanks to my former practitioner, Dr. Jockers, and his friend, Dr.Axe, for the infographics. Learn more by visiting their sites.)

    Finally, remember these two things: do not live in fear, and there is no need to panic. Then, begin today with an ounce of prevention.

    Because If the stuff in the air hasn’t killed you yet, why get all excited about it now? If you do, the stress and high blood pressure will surely take you out.

    I hope to see you here again soon.

    Wishing you a long healthy life,

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    Build up your body:

    Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C, which is essential for our immune health. I like blending it into smoothies. It used to alleviate my severe aches and joint pains.

    Spirulina is a type of blue-green micro-algae. The significant health benefits of this superfood include detoxing heavy metals, eliminating candida, fighting cancer, and lowering blood pressure.

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