As I mentioned on Monday, I am planning to revise the 21 Days to Your Best Life e-book. I wrote it at the end of 2020 because the process worked so well for me (someone who had been struggling with illnesses and near-death encounters) I wanted to share it with others. It was not a best-selling download but I followed the call of my heart and sold a few copies.

Things were going well and then one day, last year, I woke up and noticed that I was falling back into familiar rhythms. They were not bad things but they were not the best ways to occupy my time. My rhythms were inching closer to closer to the stressful activities that rule by days prior to my lowest moments. The blessing is that I recognized all of this before it took a toll on my body. Back in the day, I would have handled this differently—like a person determined to take a trip, without a map, and too prideful to stop and ask for directions.

This would not be the case in 2023. I had a map inspired by God. I only needed to pull it out and start living on purpose again, instead of going with the flow, towards any thing that sounds good. Because good is OK but it is no replacement for the best.

Here are my takeaways for Day Three:

  • I looked for an image for my goals-roles and found one for my biggest priority. When I modify the book, I will encourage readers to memorize the most important priorities first. That is what I am doing now.
  • I also practiced visualizing my goals-roles as achieved.
  • Lastly, the directions for creating a computerized vision board are incomplete. I did not provide proper instructions on how to find pictures on the web and take snapshots. The paragraph above the Day Three illustration is also incomplete.

Today, Day Four, I continued with my A.M. actions of visualizing and reviewing my vision board. What I will add to today’s schedule is the repetitive review of my vision board. I like that I encourage myself and readers to look at their vision boards seven times because in the early days of prioritizing our goals for the year it is easy to get distracted. We need a constant reminder of what our purpose and plan is for this new year. Or at least I do.

Overall, the days and reviews are going well. I have some homework to do with my vision board. It is not quite right but I have a plan!

There is a saying, “everything good ain’t God.” If we leave life to chance we will not be able to discern from the activities that are good and the things that a good God wants us to do.

“The one who trusts in himself is a fool, but one who walks in wisdom will be safe.” Proverbs 28:26 (CSB)

The Passion version states the Scripture this way:

“Self-confident know-it-alls will prove to be fools. But when you lean on the wisdom from above, you will have a way to escape the troubles of your own making.”

Thank you for reading. I hope my mini-synopsis is helpful to anyone who is serious about living their best life. One last word (of caution): There are several self-help books out there that can offer us an OK or even a better life but the best life comes from time spent hearing from God and applying His wisdom.

Have a day full of revelation.



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