Sometimes we resent where we are in life or what we do as a career. I know a young man who felt hopeless about his situation. He questioned if the college degree he had attained was for naught and wondered if he would ever have the American dream, a wife, a family, and a home. He had so much going for him, but he could not see it. He is not alone.

Many people secretly feel like they are not enough. Maybe you are one of them.

The job you have does not pay all the bills, and the life you live has no thrills for the reels on social media. Maybe life is not all you had hoped for, but you need to know that your story is incomplete.

When you feel that nothing matters anymore, and you blame others for your station in life, or you are waiting for someone to resolve your problems.

I have a suggestion for you.

Stop, lay down (or find a quiet space to relax), and allow yourself to dream again. Ask God to open your eyes to the future he has planned for you. Then dream like you are a four-year-old child.

Get excited about the dreams you have decided will never be. Hope again. And begin to move toward your destiny with intention. These are the better things that need to grow in your life.

Let go of resentments, forgive, and stop playing the blame game and making those around you miserable because you are discouraged. Stop speaking negatively about your destiny. These are the bitter things that you must uproot.

Take it from me, you are only a part of the bigger picture that God is producing. Your outcomes depend largely on your actions and reactions to your circumstances. But if you allow God to direct your life, you will wake up and realize you are living your dreams; you may simply be caught in a scene that is just about to change.

So trust God. Believe He can use whatever situation you are in today for His glory. Then make the decision to be a better part of your success story.

Keep dreaming. Really,


Scripture reference: (Genesis 28:16-22 NIV)

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