Art, mothers, and mental health

The Story Behind the Art

Each month, Really Leah’s Coasters & More line will feature 2 new styles. 

On special holidays, not just the ones people make up while sitting on the pot, (or smoking pot), there will be a bonus image. This is how the will work from now on or until I have another idea while sitting on the pot. 

So let’s review. In May, we featured 2 styles that were all about Mothers because motherhood is super cool, even when it is trying. The super cool part is that moms get to do something that fathers could never do or handle. Moms carry life in their bodies. Wow! That’s absolutely aMayzing, right? So it makes sense that moms would get more calls on their holiday than fathers do. Sorry, dads. I don’t want to make this a competition because dads are special people too. We are all God’s Master plan, and we all get our months to shine. But dads will have to wait until next month. 

Sadly, the month of May also represents a real crisis in the world today, which is mental health. Way too many mothers’ sons and daughters of every age are having mental breaks. We see it reflected in the actions those with untreated or undiagnosed mental illness are taking. And unfortunately, their actions are increasingly harmful to them and to those around them. 

In response to Mothers and Mental Health Awareness in May, I designed this image while in bed (not on the pot), and I call it “Cafe Serenity.” 

You dig? I hope you do.

I designed this image,

to honor mothers who are taking it all in stride. Moms who are realistic and practical. They understand that not every day is Mother’s Day, with breakfasts in bed and bouquets of flowers. Mothers who know the role they play is bigger than self-care but that self-care is a big part of being a better mom. 

Moms who have done their best to raise and educate future responsible citizens, and the mothers who are striving to do so. Moms who do not slack in their responsibilities or leave the welfare of their young to anyone. Moms who put those little ones first until the time comes when their offspring can be sprung into the world to care for themselves. 

Moms who only ask for help when they need it, but who know how to accept a helping hand when it is offered. 

Moms who, when the day is done, and they call it quits, are ready to rise the next morning and do it all over again for those who call her MOM. 

And when the quiet times come, this mom (in the art) knows how to sit and sip at her favorite cafe, which may well be at home, and find a precious moment of serenity. That’s why I call this piece, Cafe Serenity. 

If you like her, give her a thumbs up and consider making any mom’s day before the end of May. Or get it for yourself.

Large Coaster Art with a stand:$17. It is good for her desk or a side reading table.   

Magnetic Art: $5. It is nice on her magnetic filing cabinet or whiteboard while she’s at work. 

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Both art pieces serve as a gentle reminder to take a breath and put it all in the Master’s hand. (1 Peter 5:7 AMP)

Moms, the struggle is real. But so is the opportunity for peace. 



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