Why Senator Tim Scott’s race (for president) is a teachable moment.

Tim Scott is not an “exception.” He is an American. He is the reason immigrants flock and flee to this country. He is fulfilling the American dream.

Scott may be making history by announcing his presidential candidacy on some levels. Still, we would see more history-makers if our children were allowed to develop the critical skills needed to succeed in this country and were not told that they were less than others or that they needed anyone’s approval (but God’s) to make it in this country.

People so hyper-focused on race and sexuality are inwardly convinced that they are either inferior or superior, and both groups are wrong. This is not Dr. King’s America. Looking around at all the multicultural relationships and neighborhoods, we will recognize that we are living Dr. King’s dream. So now is the time to live up to the character necessary to sustain it.

Our progress in this country should not be attacked by narrow-minded people, even though they have the right to do so. I only hope we, and especially our nation’s children, will stop listening.

We are not bound or promoted, nor should we be, by our God-given ethnicity and skin color. We have a purpose beyond what is seen or even imagined. We are the American dream.

Congratulations to Senator Scott, whose skills, confidence, and character have the potential to steer America towards a brighter future. Really,


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