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A SON BEATEN TO DEATH ON TV: Is this a new norm for Black American moms?

(Caution: This post may be difficult to read) The sensationalism of Black versus Blue killings in our society is off the spectrum, in my opinion, and it is creating dire consequences. In my opinion, there are so many things wrong with seeing Tyre Nichols beaten to death on national television repeatedly. But does anyone care? […]

Friendships are Essential to Survival: Build Strong Social Ties

Did you know it is a proven fact that good friendships could save your life or at least extend it? This doesn’t mean you should start creating a list of your friend’s blood types in the event you need a transplant. While that might add a few strong thumps to the ole ticker, sociologists have […]


Please review the link for the full report, overflowing with information to assist caregivers within school systems. We know personally that this separation from normalcy is affecting many of our most valuable professionals — those who care for our children’s academic success.