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The Final Review of the e-book, my first step away from symptomatic insanity, and a greatness ahead. On Saturday, January 21, the last day of the “21-Day” e-book review and 2023 challenge, I attended a gathering with my oh-so-sassy sorority sisters. The event has been on my schedule since September 2022, and I had long […]

Friendships are Essential to Survival: Build Strong Social Ties

Did you know it is a proven fact that good friendships could save your life or at least extend it? This doesn’t mean you should start creating a list of your friend’s blood types in the event you need a transplant. While that might add a few strong thumps to the ole ticker, sociologists have […]

A Step Closer to Healthier Skin

God answers prayers! A month or so ago I simply prayed for a new physician who would understand my skin—and it’s issues as a result of the infections that numbed my nerves and challenges my ability to walk and do other physical activities. Anyway, I met her today! She’s wonderful and I know it after […]