A Step Closer to Healthier Skin

God answers prayers!

A month or so ago I simply prayed for a new physician who would understand my skin—and it’s issues as a result of the infections that numbed my nerves and challenges my ability to walk and do other physical activities.

Anyway, I met her today!

She’s wonderful and I know it after only a half hour in her office.

And as soon as the success of the treatment discussed is realized, I will give you all the details.

In the meantime I will #WatchWhatGodWillDo while I continue sipping my tea with collagen and waving my pretty little pinky in the air. 😘

A step closer to healthier skin

Link to healthy supplements that have been doctor approved for me. Please consult your medical professional and do your own research before purchasing anything on this site.

Thank you for reading and for sharing this moment with me.

Be well. Stay well.

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