Ooowee, its entrance into my catalog of best-loved quotes is right on time for February’s posts on passion, productivity, and purpose. It is also, so Maya. She was a woman who made us want to look and keep looking at her as she sashayed words as gracefully as she swayed her hips. Oh, she was a boss of words. 

Why It’s Important How We Spend Our Weekends (and with whom)

Yes, the above snapshot reflects how I was feeling nearly ten years ago, as I posted a poorly crafted note within my private app. I am so thankful I’ve grown from these petty observations, but between you and me, I believe it is still unfortunate that certain reality shows continue to air.  Seriously, what have they really done to add value to theContinue reading “Why It’s Important How We Spend Our Weekends (and with whom)”

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