Real Resources #3.

Greetings, RL Readers! Here’s a new resource you can use while you’re still in your jammies:

If you’ve read a few of my blogs, by now, you already understand that I enjoy supporting other authors, bloggers, and educational websites. And so happens I met another wonderful person, a registered nurse, named Sue, last Friday who provides a much-needed service to Baby Boomers and Caregivers, alike!

Sue offers daily encouragement through her “Bibles and Bathrobes” devotional and her “Disability Travel” offerings. And, when I asked who would benefit most from her video-blogs, she said anyone who has felt isolated.

Now I’m not going to pry into your business, but if you’re a caregiver you’ve probably felt alone at one time or another. And if so, it’s okay. You’re normal. Dreary days and lonesome nights happen to the best of us in this caregiving role. But what’s nice is that we never have to stay where we are. There are these wonderful communities of people with books and blogs and websites who live to lift us when we feel down. They want to help us shine. Doesn’t that sound good?

So check out, on the Real Resources page and then tell me what you think. If it blesses you then do one more thing: share it with someone else so they can be blessed, too.

Gratefully yours, really,
Leah 💗

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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