Tough times are minor obstacles for tough people. One way to flip the script on trauma is to celebrate the little victories as you work toward success. For example, Of course, these are worst-case scenarios (for a reason). If we think of the worst thing that could happen in a failed situation, then we canContinue reading “CELEBRATE the little VICTORIES”

Blessed to Bless

Do you really want to be Happy? Would you like to be Prosperous? Do you want to be Favored by the God of all creation? If so, you like me, want to live blessed. And I’d like to tell you how if you are willing to travel with me back to the beginning.  In theContinue reading “Blessed to Bless”

Real Resources #3.

Greetings, RL Readers! Here’s a new resource you can use while you’re still in your jammies: If you’ve read a few of my blogs, by now, you already understand that I enjoy supporting other authors, bloggers, and educational websites. And so happens I met another wonderful person, a registered nurse, named Sue, last Friday whoContinue reading “Real Resources #3.”

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