Tough times are minor obstacles for tough people.

One way to flip the script on trauma is to celebrate the little victories as you work toward success.

For example,

  • If you lose a job or a promotion, sometimes you have to take a deep breath and celebrate that closed door. It could lead to an open door with a new company or give you the push you need to turn your passion into profits.
  • If a relationship fails and it is no fault of yours, do not fall apart. Move forward. Celebrate the end of something that was not working anyway. Work on yourself, and before long, you will look back on your former beau or girlfriend and thank God you escaped that fiasco.

Of course, these are worst-case scenarios (for a reason). If we think of the worst thing that could happen in a failed situation, then we can easily celebrate the little victories as we move away— from a job loss, missed promotion, failed relationships, debt, and devastation— to possess the new thing God wants to bring into our life. (Isaiah 43:19)


If you are picking up what I have put down, then maybe the above is a tool to help this message stick.

Celebrating my littlest victories helped keep me afloat during tough times. I hope this gift set helps you (or a friend) find encouragement, too. 💜



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