Sometimes We Must Talk to Ourselves

This month, my heart screamed out for anyone who really needs a Fresh Start and a New Beginning. I feel you. I have been there a time or two. And you or someone you know, needs to acknowledge that you are more than what eyes can see!


The Final Practical Step for a Productive Year. Part 5. A fresh start looks and feels different for everyone and should not be taken lightly, because our whole new year is at stake. But creating a plan for the best does not have to be difficult.

Faith Over Fear By Design

Making the declaration More than a week past Thanksgiving, many of us can say with a sigh of relief that we are grateful to have survived the latest Covid-19 variant, omicron. For a moment, I felt like I was living in the twilight zone. For the last two years, each holiday has been a struggle,Continue reading “Faith Over Fear By Design”

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