How to break the cycle. Did you know that 90 percent of our thoughts are the same as the day before? No wonder nothing changes until we change. This is why I wrote the 21 days to Your Best Life. The e-book was nothing extraordinary, only an awareness of the changes a person can makeContinue reading “PERSONALITY CREATES REALITY”

Why Coasters? How a Vision Became a Reality

Your visions can become a reality

Why Coasters? How a Vision Became a Reality

I share this to emphasize that vision-boarding is real. So be obedient and write down and visualize whatever God whispers in your spirit.

In memory of being lame

Have you ever been running and fell?  “David said to Mephibosheth, “Don’t be afraid. I will be kind to you because of your father Jonathan. I will give back to you all the land of your grandfather Saul. And you will always be able to eat at my table.” 2 Samuel 9:7 ERV In theContinue reading “In memory of being lame”

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