FREE Daily Productivity Planner

Stay motivated with this simple yet attractive daily productivity planner ✍️ This free to download page is suitable for both work and personal use as… FREE Daily Productivity Planner I’m feeling blessed to be a blessing. A fellow blogger created a useful tool for planning and responding to our days. Check it out! I thinkContinue reading “FREE Daily Productivity Planner”

Short and Sweet Inspiration

But you already know this, right? The mind is a powerful ally. If we can conceive our dreams, and buy into our thoughtful imaginations, then we can fix our minds on how to make it come to pass. ❤️

The benefit of staying focused

Seeing our ideas 💡 through to the finish creates unimaginable wins. These are the benefits of staying in our lane, at least until we reach our primary goal. “Brilliant ideas pay off and bring you prosperity!” On the flip side, “Making hasty, impatient decisions will only lead to financial loss.” Sounds like wisdom to me.Continue reading “The benefit of staying focused”

Why It’s Hard to Stay in Your Lane and Why You Must

Staying in the same lane makes for a boring, behind trip. But the trip might also make you rich and famous. If you’re into that. Entrepreneur magazine defines a target market as “A specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services.” That definition sounds easy enough yet many of us authors and entrepreneurs areContinue reading “Why It’s Hard to Stay in Your Lane and Why You Must”

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